Capt R Wilco (11:26:31 PM): its like writing for a newspaper or magazine
Capt R Wilco (11:26:47 PM): once you publish something in that publication it becomes the property of that publication
Capt R Wilco (11:27:30 PM): if you worked for egm and you left would all your articles be removed from every magazine issue?
Capt R Wilco (11:27:31 PM): nope
Capt R Wilco (11:27:41 PM): you have no idea how illegal what you have done is
Capt R Wilco (11:27:58 PM): you broke copyright laws, and you stole
Capt R Wilco (11:28:09 PM): not something taken lightly in this country
Capt R Wilco (11:28:40 PM): had you not fucked with the chatroom, i could probably just say its water off a ducks back. But you have me pissed off to no end
Capt R Wilco (11:29:26 PM): and you not talking is making me more angry. the angrier i get the more of an asshole i become. I will have no trouble going to my lawyer on monday morning and filing a lawsuit
Capt R Wilco (11:29:32 PM): you think you have problems now
Frozen Solid One (11:32:38 PM): listen. i tried to fucking leave the site on the best of terms i can, i tried to be nice, i tried to still be friends... that is until I found out what a complete fuckign liar you, and carl are. i have never been more insulted in my life, i THOUGHT you fucking assholes were friends, people i could trust, people i could be honest with, i was wrong. i had no intentions of doing anything to fuck you nor the site over in any way shape or form until i found out what you were saying about me behind my back -- hell, i even fucking agreed to do some minor work ont he site and help out the new webmaster so that you guys didnt get fucked over
Frozen Solid One (11:33:13 PM): and what gratitude am i given? being called a social fucktard and an antisocial cunt. i THOUGHT you were a friend, i good one at that and one of the best ones i've ever had. i was wrong.
Frozen Solid One (11:33:40 PM): i could have done so much fuckign worse last night, but instead i pulled a small cyber prank that oculd be easily fixed just to get your fucking attentino
Frozen Solid One (11:34:23 PM): i could have easily deleted the entire site, upload kiddie porn to your server, reworded all the articles... but i'm not a complete fucking asshole.
Frozen Solid One (11:40:13 PM): you seem to think that I only quit because elzie quit, you are sadly mistaken... i was almost gone when you fucking let the site domain die in july... but i stuck it out -- the last month of me working there i was in talks with ethan and jonny at pgc looking for openingsbut in the back of my mind i knew i was just kidding myself -- i had my resignation letter written for a week before i finally decided to send. i cried all fuckign night because i lvoe this fucking site too much... but you obviously dont give a flying shit about anyone but yourself
Capt R Wilco (11:40:52 PM): well, all that myself or carl did was speaking words. What you did is against the law. I have talked with you a number of times about people fucking with me and my business. I told you what i would do, i told you what kind of wrath i can ensue. However you seemed to not understand that. The chat was a wakeup. I fixed everything so you have no more access to the site. The chat problem was fixed this afternoon and did not effect the trivia at all. You however are not dumb at all. Fucking with the chat is one thing, the site is a whole different ballgame. Had you deleted the entire site i would have made sure i sued you. And not just to get articles back. What you thought of doing would mean id own your fucking house, id own your cars, id own your fucking dog. Instead i am asking you to just retrun the articles you removed from the site so we can avoid a situation neither of us want.
Capt R Wilco (11:42:25 PM): return the articles so there isnt a problem. You didnt just remove your articles, you removed elzies too
Frozen Solid One (11:42:45 PM): I didnt do shit.
Frozen Solid One (11:43:04 PM): you have no proof that I did it, and no, i did not do it.
Capt R Wilco (11:43:09 PM): did you or did you not remove the articles?
Capt R Wilco (11:43:14 PM): who did then?
Frozen Solid One (11:43:34 PM): I did not. and i'm not going to squeal on who did
Frozen Solid One (11:43:36 PM): i am not a rat
Capt R Wilco (11:43:52 PM): frozen...its just a very odd coincidence that you and elzie leave, on bad terms, you still have access to the ftp and both yours and elzies articles vanish like a fart in the wind?
Frozen Solid One (11:44:19 PM): on bad terms? how the FUCK did i fukcing leave on bad terms
Frozen Solid One (11:44:40 PM): and i'm telling you honestly, i did not remove my articles.
Capt R Wilco (11:45:53 PM): frozen, all im saying is you better help fix the situation at hand. because i can tell you that i will have no problem suing you for my articles. and youll go to a lawyer and hes going to know in a matter of minutes there is no way you can win in a court. If you dont have the articles then i will end up suing you for damages. help fic the situation and this can all be avoided
Frozen Solid One (11:46:01 PM): and those were JUST WORDS you say? i've never been hurt more in my life... i was more depressed then iv'e ever been i my life because i had honestly thought that you guys were friends and that i oculd trust you
Frozen Solid One (11:47:05 PM): 1) you cant sue me for "removing articles" that i did not remove 2) if you asked nicely and werent a complete asshole i might be more willing to help, but instead i get this complete bullshit from you
Capt R Wilco (11:47:55 PM): those articles are property of carl and i
Frozen Solid One (11:48:00 PM): you have no idea how close i fucking was to suicide when i was leaving the site, and when i foudn out how you REALLY thought of me.
Frozen Solid One (11:48:14 PM): you WERE a friend
Capt R Wilco (11:48:16 PM): any lawyer you go to will know right away that you cant win. even if you didnt remove them it sure as fuck looks like it
Frozen Solid One (11:49:38 PM): i did NOTHING but try and help after i left, i couldnt take the responsibility of helping to run the goddamn site anymore, my life is too hectic for it. i offered to help the webmaster get things running, and to make a last theme for the site, but in return i was told that i am an social fucktard and will never get laid, and an antisocial cunt
Frozen Solid One (11:49:45 PM): from people I THOUGHT were my good friends
Frozen Solid One (11:49:58 PM): i was used for the last fucking year of my life. do you have any idea how that makes me feel?
Frozen Solid One (11:50:17 PM): i was hried as a news guy, I volunteered to take over webmaster and I helped turnt he fucking site around, and what thanks do i fucking get?
Frozen Solid One (11:50:22 PM): IM' AN ANTI SOCIAL FUCKING CUNT
Capt R Wilco (11:50:55 PM): actually if you want to get technical the antisocial cunt was elzie
Capt R Wilco (11:52:05 PM): by all means keep writing what you were
Capt R Wilco (11:52:12 PM): how bad could it possibly be?
Capt R Wilco (11:52:38 PM): the truly funny thing is you think im joking. You life will be hell if you have to get a lawyer because i sue you.
Frozen Solid One (11:52:39 PM): you wnat to know what i was writing? iw as writing that i'm sitting her, CRYING, because of how hurt i am.
Frozen Solid One (11:53:11 PM): id ont give a fuck if you're joking or not, i'm telling you hte honest to god fucking truth
Capt R Wilco (11:53:36 PM): i know you are, now help fix a problem you say you didnt create and theres not a problem
Capt R Wilco (11:53:58 PM): im not asking you to help put them back on the site. ill do that myself. i am asking for the articles to be returned to me
Frozen Solid One (11:54:06 PM): why dont you attempt to show me an ounce of fucking kindness for once you piece of shit
Capt R Wilco (11:54:27 PM): you want my truth
Capt R Wilco (11:54:32 PM): because you fucked with my business
Capt R Wilco (11:54:39 PM): we had long long talks at night
Capt R Wilco (11:54:55 PM): and i told you that if someone fucks with my business im not going to show any mercy
Frozen Solid One (11:55:05 PM): youfucked with my LIFE
Capt R Wilco (11:55:24 PM): my business is my life
Frozen Solid One (11:57:38 PM): i worked my fucking ASS off for you, i could have easily said i didnt want to be a webmaster when marko quit, but i didnt, against my better judgement i didnt
Frozen Solid One (11:58:03 PM): fuck, i didnt even fucking think i could do it, i've never webmastered shit in my life before, just a puny ass tripod site
Frozen Solid One (11:58:22 PM): but i did, because you asked, and i tried my fucking hardest
Frozen Solid One (11:58:31 PM): i have been NOTHING but brutallyhonest with you and everyoen on staff
Frozen Solid One (11:58:41 PM): and how am i fucking repaid? I'M A SOCIAL FUCKTARD
Frozen Solid One (12:00:49 AM): i'm so fucking beat up over this whole thing that i'm bawling myfuckign eyes out, i'm shaking and i can barely fuckign type, and i'm met with nothing but you being a complete jerk to me.
Capt R Wilco (12:01:04 AM): you know something, i am sorry. i am sorry for saying anything i said that night. I was angry that you quit the site. I was angry that you quit the site because elzie quit the site. I know thats not the entire reason for you leaving but it was the nail in the coffin. I thought you would stick though with this site to the bitter end like carl, myself and kevin agreed to do. It hurt me too badly when you decided to leave. I know you never liked matt, but i thought you could just eventually learn to live with him working at the site. I thought you would be fair to him and to the site by agreeing that he was a good worker and he would help better the site. You were easily the hardest worker at the site, and everyone knew that. we knew what kind of shit was going on in your life and we tried to give you space. I am sorry for what i said.
frozensolidone wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Matt Schraeder\My Documents\site (12:06:08 AM).
Frozen Solid One (12:06:28 AM): this is just my stuff, it's up to elzie if you are to get hers back.
Capt R Wilco (12:06:40 AM): thank you
Capt R Wilco (12:07:32 AM): 44mb of files?
Frozen Solid One (12:07:47 AM): three desktop themes are included.
Frozen Solid One (12:08:13 AM): they're all inf olders marked where they belong -- just extract the zip to a folder on you're drive (make sure it extracts paths as well)
Capt R Wilco (12:08:47 AM): the themes are still on the site though
Capt R Wilco (12:08:57 AM): you didnt take those down
Frozen Solid One (12:09:01 AM): like i siad, i didnt do shit.
Capt R Wilco (12:09:17 AM): do you mind telling me who did, im just a bit curious
Frozen Solid One (12:09:20 AM): so how was i to know.
Frozen Solid One (12:09:27 AM): i also told you i'm not a rat.
Capt R Wilco (12:09:35 AM): and you didnt ask anybody to take them down?
Frozen Solid One (12:10:03 AM): i knew they were being taken down yes
Capt R Wilco (12:10:31 AM): im going to say the next thing not out of meanness but out of necessity
Frozen Solid One (12:10:49 AM): you're a lucky bastard that i decided to make a backup of the site as i left it.
Frozen Solid One (12:10:58 AM): and that i didnt delete my archives
Capt R Wilco (12:11:18 AM): i have no idea why youre sending me the themes, and i have no idea why the file transfer is so large. but so help you god if i unzip this file and its a virus
Frozen Solid One (12:11:37 AM): i dont do shit like that.
Frozen Solid One (12:11:51 AM): honestly? what i did last night was the first cyber prank i've ever pulled.
Capt R Wilco (12:11:58 AM): i am aware of that, but sometimes people do stupid shit when theyre angry
Frozen Solid One (12:11:58 AM): and i'll never do it agian if i can help it
Frozen Solid One (12:12:17 AM): it was a wakeup call.
Frozen Solid One (12:12:31 AM): to you, for you to realize what a complete fucking ashsole you've been to me since i left.
Capt R Wilco (12:12:52 AM): lets just be nice from now on, agreed?
Capt R Wilco (12:13:17 AM): we both did shit we regret, i think enough is enough
Frozen Solid One (12:13:44 AM): like i told kevin. i dont forgive that easily, i've been hurt too much -- but you'll earn my trust back in time.
Capt R Wilco (12:14:19 AM): i think when i found out what you did last night with the chat it had been the most angry ive been in over a year
Frozen Solid One (12:14:36 AM): and now you know how i felt the night i saw what shit you were syaing about me.
Capt R Wilco (12:15:08 AM): but were did you have your shoes on ready to drive 1000 miles and pummel me with a golf club?
Capt R Wilco (12:15:20 AM): get rid of that "were"
Frozen Solid One (12:16:00 AM): no, but i was ready to do other things... since i am not a violent person.
Capt R Wilco (12:16:36 AM): neither am i, which should gauge at how pissed i was